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HARRAH, Okla. (KFOR) – Four people broke into four different dispensaries early Wednesday morning in and around Harrah and stole products from some of them but left empty handed from others.

Armed with a hammer and hoodies, the string of break-in’s is plaguing the metro town. Each pot shop was only a few square miles from each other and were hit in less than four hours.

“It’s just more inconvenient than anything because now we have to fix the door, we have to pick up glass,” said Kerri Garrett, an employee of Gas Station dispensary, one of the four burglarized locations.

“I feel sorry for the ones that did get hit, that’s for sure,” said Jason Skillern Sr., owner of the Family Tree Dispensary, which was left untouched.

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A group of burglars using a hammer to break into a local dispensary.

The four brazen thieves busted into the Gas Station dispensary with a hammer. They smashed into the glass on the front door to get in, before going to the three others not far away.

“Literally the alarm went off within 60 seconds,” Garrett said. “So, they were in there just a couple minutes.”

According to Garrett, aside from the busted glass on the front door, they were lucky. Nothing was stolen from their store.

“We lock all our product up,” Garrett said. “Pretty much a waste of their time, you know.”

Over at nearby Zepdro’s, it was the same story. Their dispensary’s front door was also smashed and had to be replaced. Another one named Greenleaf was also broken into; however, their product wasn’t stolen either. Their owner told KFOR off camera that their back door was pried open. Lastly, Rocky’s Pot Shop did have some inventory stolen, though it’s unclear how much.

Some places in the area, though, were luckier than others.

“Glad it wasn’t us,” said Skillern Sr.

Skillern Sr. and his mom-and-pop operation called Family Tree Dispensary has only been open for seven weeks. He and his wife run it at night while his kids run it during the day. Their place wasn’t touched, and they are just right across the street from the Gas Station dispensary that was broken into.

“It’s a scary thought, for sure,” Skillern Sr. said. “We have a lot of our personal money sunk into this.”

Their dispensary has steel doors and a safe they lock their products in as well. He said he understands just how detrimental that could be for his small business.

“It’s just crazy how much it would affect us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Garrett with the Gas Station said the possibility of a break-in is always on their mind.

“It’s out here in the country, it’s secluded,” Garrett said. “We know people can get in and we know people don’t care about camera’s and alarm systems.”

It’s unclear how much product was stolen from the specific shops burglarized as some say they are still working on counting their inventory. The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office and Harrah Police Department are investigating the matter. Anyone with information is encouraged to call investigators at (405) 869-2501.