OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Select Oklahoma City parks are preparing for the influx of children exploring and playing in the parks by offering free lunches for spring activities.

Lunch is set to be served at the following parks Monday through Friday at noon and snacks are served at 3 p.m.:

  1. Macklanburg Recreation Center 2234 NW 117th St. OKC, OK 73120
  2. Minnis Recreation Center 12520 NE 36th St. OKC, OK 73084
  3. Melrose Recreation Center 7800 Melrose Lane OKC, OK 73127
  4. Pitt’s Recreation Center 1920 N Kate Ave. OKC, OK73111
  5. Schilling Recreation Center 539 SE 25th St OKC, OK 73129
  6. Southern Oaks Recreation Center 400 SW 66th St. OKC, OK 73139

The meals will be offered from March 13 to March 17 and are provided by the Regional Food Bank to children 18 and younger.

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