OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – You may have seen it online – a post about free vasectomy services in Oklahoma City shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains is holding a free two-day vasectomy clinic next month, and all the spots filled up in less than 48 hours.

Planned Parenthood Great Plains CEO Emily Wales says it’s all about family planning and affordability.

“Vasectomy is not something that’s often available to people who have few resources, often cost is a barrier,” Wales told News 4. “It has meant that we have had a whole lot of people wanting to get in.”

Wales says new abortion restrictions are a factor for some patients.

“Right now, a lot of what we’re hearing is that people do have concerns about government overreach,” Wales said. “So, for some people that does mean that they want to plan for the long term and they do want to know that their contraceptive choices are their own.”

Planned Parenthood started including vasectomies as part of their care in Tulsa this summer.

Their long-term goal is to do the same in Oklahoma City.

“It has been very clear from the outpouring of requests and the waitlist that we need to be back doing more vasectomy more frequently,” Wales said. 

Wales says they’re always ready to answer any questions patients or potential patients may have.