OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Some much needed relief – appreciated by some, even if small – as gas prices have dipped ever so slightly in Oklahoma.

According to AAA Oklahoma, the average price per gallon in the state has lowered about .6-cents a gallon over the past week. That’s also down from the peak of $4.66 on June 15.

“So, I noticed about a week ago that the gas prices were starting to level off, and then they started coming down,” said customer Ardra Vardaman at the OnCue at 7400 S. Sooner Road. “And now, I just filled it up for $4.29, so definitely going down right now.”

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A few pumps over, customer Dorris Reed also took note.

“Gas prices have gone down a little bit,” she said.

On the other side of the 4th of July weekend, these Oklahomans at the gas pump are choosing to be grateful.

AAA Oklahoma said the average price in our state on Wednesday is $4.50 a gallon, down about 6 cents from a week ago.

“There is some relief compared to the previous weeks of the last month of June,” said spokeswoman Leslie Gamble. “So, it’s an ‘enjoy it while you can’ situation.”

Wednesday, KFOR found an Oklahoma City gas station at 7801 S. Sooner Road with gas at $3.99.

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According to GasBuddy, a gas station in Enid was selling at $4.05 and in Lawton as low as $3.98 on Wednesday.

Gamble said one reason for the slight dip in prices is we’ve just passed the busiest travel weekend of the summer, the July 4th holiday.

She said price forecasters are also closely monitoring the economy.

“At this point, this is being driven more by fears in the future of global recession and lower prices for crude oil that we are seeing this last week that are now driving the price down as well as the demand currently,” she said. “If we continue to see signs economically of a recession, then gas prices will go lower.”

Gamble said even if prices do continue to lower in Oklahoma, it’s highly unlikely they’ll return to the prices of a year ago when they averaged $2.83.