OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A huge sculpture made completely of trash, all of which was collected by volunteers, is about to be unveiled in the southeast corner of Scissortail Park’s Lower Park.

Saturday, October 22nd from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., the public is invited to witness the unveiling of the giant art, designed to shed a negative light on littering and single-use materials.

Beginning at 11 a.m., the public can also participate in a short cleanup of the area along the Oklahoma River and have that trash included on the artwork. Artist Gabriel Friedman will be installing the items collected directly onto the sculpture before its unveiling at noon. Sign up here to volunteer for the cleanup.

Artist Gabriel Friedman next to the artwork in progress. Provided by: OKC Beautiful

Also during the event, several organizations will share information about environmental issues.

OKC Beautiful, a non-profit organization, teams up with 5,000 volunteers annually, who remove trash during collection events. OKC Beautiful sought out Friedman, an Oklahoma City based sculptural and large-scale 3D artist, to create the educational piece.

“I’ve been secretly making art out of trash for most of my life,” said Friedman. “Whether I sneak it into my public art piece or when I make little trash sculptures just for me, I see ‘waste’ as material embedded with energy and stories. So, I am thrilled to be working with OKC Beautiful to create a public sculpture addressing the disposable nature of our society using items used, discarded and then recollected by my Oklahoma City neighbors and friends.”  

OKC Beautiful board member Cynthia Brindley and Gabriel Friedman in front of trash to be used in the artwork. Provided by: OKC Beautiful

According to a press release from OKC Beautiful, “The placement at Scissortail Park is fitting, given the organization’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. The Scissortail Park Foundation has committed to no use of Styrofoam or plastic water bottles, uses a variety of water and pollinator-conscious landscaping practices, and incorporates nature and environmental education in their programming.” 

“Sign me up for trash collection!” said Maureen Heffernan, CEO & President of the Scissortail Park Foundation. “I think this is a creative, effective, and engaging way to work to drastically cut down on trash that eventually winds up in the Oklahoma River. Gabriel Freeman, with his creative energy and ingenuity, will no doubt produce a sculpture that adds colorful and fun character to the Lower Park and with a critical underlying message.”

Scissortail Park’s Lower Park is located at 220 SW 14th St in Oklahoma City.

For more information about the event, click here.