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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma have opened a first-of-its-kind STEM camp in the heart of Oklahoma City.

Camp Trivera is set on 19 acres just east of the Oklahoma City Zoo.

In addition to traditional campsites, Camp Trivera will boast meeting space and indoor sleeping accommodations, including treehouses, a hammock deck and bunk rooms that can be used for groups.

Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma raised $12.7 million to complete Camp Trivera, which includes a STEM component in nearly every facet of the camp.

“There’s a ceiling with built-in LED lights representing astrological formations,” said Shannon Evers, CEO of GSWESTOK. “The halls include layers of rock that showcase the Earth’s geology. There will be a zip line from the camp, across the lake and into the Oklahoma City Zoo so girls can learn the science of flight and take in STEM activities at the zoo. There’s even a simple pulley system girls can use to get their luggage upstairs. The swimming pool is built to host robotics competitions. It goes on and on. STEM concepts and activities can be found throughout the venue. We want girls to dream big. Trivera is a perfect space for that.”

Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma will begin offering after-school activities and STEM programming in the coming weeks.