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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It has been a priority for educators and business leaders to get more kids, especially girls, interested in careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

On Saturday, there was a chance in the metro for kids to do just that, by rocking out.

“It’s not all crafts and cookies. We do a lot more fun things,” said Ashley Elkins, of Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma.

Girls aged 5 to 17 took part in Girl Scouts Rock, a geology-themed STEM event put on by the Oklahoma Geological Survey and Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma.

There were all sorts of hands-on fun to get girls and teens interested in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

“So they are smashing rocks and inside they can see the crystalized part of the rock and they are learning about how rocks form,” said Elkins.

Not just hammers on rocks, but there was also volcano building, pics with therapods, and looking for and identifying fossilized footprints.

“They are searching through some geological materials like sand and pebbles and such, searching for fossils. These are remains of living things, plants and animals,” said Molly Yunker, of the Oklahoma Geological Survey.

The event was made possible with a big donation from Devon Energy.

Organizers hope the hands-on dive into geological science will inspire some of the 100 girls who rocked out on Saturday to find a new passion.

“It’s a really fun science and there are a lot of careers out there for girls who go into geology, into this field. So I think from today we might get a few new geologists in the pipeline,” said Yunker.

“The girls have said, ‘Now I really want to be a scientist or maybe a doctor because these experiments are so fun.’ We love that that is making the impact on the girls, because that’s the whole point of Girl Scouts,” said Elkins

Organizers say they are going to start a Girl Scout Geology Club. For more information, visit the Girl Scouts website.