OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – We’re just one week away from the official winter start, but destructive spring-like storms have wreaked havoc.

In Wayne, Oklahoma, a confirmed EF2 tornado touched down early Tuesday morning and left behind a swath of damage. Unfortunately, a family of four was displaced after their home was ripped into pieces. 

“I’ve never seen anything up close like this,” said Belinda Penner. 

Penner told KFOR her cousins who live on Nicholas Avenue in Wayne rode out the storm in their basement.

“God had to have his hand over [them],” said Penner. “God had to be watching them.”

“They’re just shaken up,” said Justina Reaves. “Having all your things scattered for the world to see [is] unnerving.” 

The family’s heavy-duty shop was also ripped off its foundation. The entire town was left without power.

“We’re still going house to house,” said Ron Johnson with the McClain Co. Emergency Management Office. “We check and make sure everybody’s still good. But it’s a blessing because it could’ve been much worse.”

The December twister is an essential reminder for all Oklahomans. 

“You can never predict nature,” said Penner. “But [I’m] grateful that they’re alive.