CYRIL, Okla. (KFOR)- Cleanup efforts are underway in Cyril after severe weather caused significant damage Monday night. 

“You don’t even know where to start to try to clean all this up,” said Monte Snider.

Snider has lived at his Cyril home for nearly 40 years.

Cyril damage
Cyril damage KFOR

He and his wife stayed with family members in Enid when the storm came to town.

Powerful winds tossed his once two-level storage unit to the back of his home.

“This is the first time that we have ever been involved in a tornado situation at all,” said Snider. “We just tried to kind of creep through the house and see what we could. And then we found out that it was way worse than we expected it to be.”

Snider’s main bedroom ceiling caved ​in, and water damage was left on the floor.

The storm damage didn’t end there.

Cyril damage KFOR

The Snider’s barn and storage unit were mangled so severely that it is unrecognizable.

“We’ll just try to salvage what we can and throw away the rest of it,” said Snider.

Across from the Snider’s place, a mobile home was flipped upside down. A sink was left hanging, and ​shingles were scattered everywhere.

Thankfully, no one was inside.

“The good Lord took care of those people,” said Calvin Woods. “I’m sorry for their house and things.”

Despite the devastation, rebuilding is easy when your faith keeps you holding on.

“We know that God is good and that he will save our lives, and he’ll help put all this back,” said Snider.