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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A prominent Oklahoma City preacher goes to court for charges he faces and gets appointed to a committee that advises the Oklahoma Co. Jail Trust. 

“How ironic? It’s really God’s sense of humor with things of this nature,” said Derrick Scobey, Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church. “We are wasting the Oklahoma county taxpayers’ dollars with these frivolous charges.”

On Nov. 17, 2021, Pastor Scobey and other community members were peacefully protesting the night before Julius Jones was set to be executed.

A demonstration of civil disobedience in support of Julius Jones.
A demonstration of civil disobedience in support of Julius Jones.

Scobey was arrested and charged with two counts of obstructing a roadway and refusing to comply with a lawful order.

“I was absolutely exercising my first amendment rights,” said Scobey. “Anytime your First Amendment rights are violated, a person like me for sure, we don’t take that lightly.” 

KFOR asked Scobey if he and his attorneys plan to file a lawsuit. He responded, “No comment.” 

Scobey believes his November 17 arrest and other community contributions led him to his newest leadership role. 

An hour after his court hearing, Scobey was sworn in as one of the new members of the Criminal Justice Authority Citizens Advisory Board. It’s a committee that will advise the Oklahoma County Jail Trust.

“I feel great to be a part of this simply because it puts me in a position again, a unique space to serve others who are in very vulnerable positions at this time,” said Scobey. 

Scobey told KFOR he’s proud to take on this new leadership role and his pending criminal charges.

“Congressman John Lewis said that we must get into trouble, good trouble to redeem the soul of America, and the trouble that I got into was good trouble,” said Scobey.