OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One Oklahoma City driver faced scary moments Thursday morning when her car slid off the road and onto train tracks during icy conditions. Even scarier, a train was coming.

It happened around 4:15 a.m. Thursday at the tracks along the intersection of Western and Britton.

Peyton Master said she was headed home after picking up breakfast at a nearby McDonalds. When she made a right-hand turn, she slid onto the tracks.

“My wheels were just over the tracks,” said Master. “They weren’t even touching the ground.”

She tried putting the car in reverse, but it would not budge. She then tried to push the car off the tracks but that did not work either. Master said nearly a dozen people passed by without stopping to help her.

“I was bawling,” said Master.

That’s when she noticed a train headed straight for her.

“I put my hazards on and I was like this is it,” said Master. “I’m going to get hit or my car is going to get hit. God please don’t let me die here.”

That was when a couple driving by rolled down their window and asked if the young woman needed help. Maura and Roy Baker stopped to help Master to safety.

“I was like, ‘you need to get out of the car now.’” said Maura. “No matter what happens. We walked her across the street and just made sure she was in a safe place and stayed with her the whole time.”

The couple said Master was only wearing a sweatshirt and the weather had suddenly gotten worse.

“I had my hand around her shoulder because I thought we were just going to watch the car get demolished,” said Maura.

The couple owns the Zero Tolerance Coffee and Chocolate Shop down the road from the tracks. They took her to the shop, fed her breakfast, gave her hot chocolate, and helped her warm up while she reached her parents.

Police arrived and monitored the intersection while a tow truck removed the car from the tracks and dropped it off at the coffee shop. Master said there was little to no damage to her car.