OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Governor Kevin Stitt announced on Monday a call for a special session of the Oklahoma Legislature beginning October 3, 2023, to demand tax fairness for all Oklahomans, deliver a tax cut to Oklahoma taxpayers, and increase transparency in the state budget process.

“We have one job – to serve and protect all four million Oklahomans,” said Governor Stitt.  “I’m calling on the Legislature to fight for Oklahomans and demand fairness and transparency in our tax system and our budget process. I am also calling on the Legislature to put Oklahoma on a path to zero income tax and give Oklahomans a much-needed tax break. If not now, when?”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt

Governor Stitt is calling the Legislature to deliver on the following agenda priorities:

  • A trigger law mandating that if a state or federal court finds that some individuals, due to their race, heritage, or political classification, don’t have to pay a state tax, then no Oklahoman will have to pay the tax.
  • A tax cut that puts Oklahoma on the path to zero income taxes. This will keep us in line with surrounding Republican-led states.
  • A measure that increases budget transparency to ensure that Oklahomans and their elected representatives have the ability and opportunity to see how their taxpayer dollars are being spent.

No word on any legislative reaction to Stitt’s summons.

Previously, Governor Stitt tried twice without success last year to get tax cuts passed in special sessions and pushed for them during this year’s regular session.