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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Gov. Kevin Stitt signed an executive order mandating that the Department of Public Safety expedite the renewal and replacement processes for driver licenses and other state IDs.

Stitt signed Executive Order 2021-05, which waives restrictions on tag agents to make it easier for driver licenses to be renewed, allow Oklahomans to obtain identification if a REAL ID is not available, allow Oklahomans to obtain a downgraded license and allow third parties to administer driver’s license examinations, according to a news release issued from the Governor’s Office.

“The COVID pandemic has negatively affected so many of our normal processes, including renewing driver licenses and identification,” Stitt said. “No Oklahoman should have to wait months to obtain an ID or take a day off work to renew their license. I’m proud to sign this executive order today to help Oklahomans and eliminate the long wait times.”

DPS Commissioner John Scully said DPS officials understand the public’s frustration with driver license service and are working around the clock on critical improvements.

“In those efforts, DPS recently identified steps that can be taken by the governor and the Legislature that will improve delivery of driver license services. DPS is thankful for the eager willingness of Governor Stitt and a bipartisan group of lawmakers to act on the Department’s recommendations. Now that Governor Stitt has issued the executive order, DPS will implement the planned changes quickly,” Scully said.