MACOMB COUNTRY, Mich. (KFOR/Storyful) – First responders saved a toddler’s life after her mother found her unresponsive in the family’s swimming pool. Authorities are releasing the graphic video of the girl’s near-drowning to serve as a reminder to parents to better safeguard backyard pools.

Video at the top of this story shows deputies with the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan racing into the home and taking over for her father, who had been performing CPR.

The deputies are seen firmly tapping on the back of the seemingly-lifeless little girl, as they tried desperately to remove water from her lungs.

The little girl is heard gasping but remained unconscious. Deputies Jonathon Potocki and Mitchell Blount made the decision to transport the girl to a hospital in Blount’s patrol unit, as the ambulance service faced “unanticipated delays,” according to the Sheriff’s office.

Macomb Township Fire personnel rode in the back of the patrol vehicle with the toddler, as they continued lifesaving measures.

Once at the hospital, and after emergency medical crews noted she was breathing and had a pulse, the girl was airlifted to a different hospital specializing in pediatric trauma, where she was listed in stable condition.

The girl has since been released and is expected to fully recover.

“This type of situation is one of the worst a parent can experience,” stated Sheriff Wickersham. “The responding Deputies and Fire personnel acted swiftly, ensuring the toddler received lifesaving measures and hospital transportation as quickly as possible. I applaud these public servants for their exceptional efforts.”