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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A growing legal battle over school COVID protocols leads to six parents filing a lawsuit against Edmond Public Schools. 

“Our battle really isn’t with the district and the teachers or even our superintendent. We really want our school district to come in compliance with the law and keep healthy kids in school,” said Brian Shellem, who filed the lawsuit with five other parents.

Half a dozen parents filed the lawsuit against Edmond Public Schools on Tuesday. 

EPS implemented a mask mandate just last week—on Sept. 8.

They’re also now requiring unvaccinated students to quarantine 7-10 days if they are exposed to COVID-19.

The families are seeking a temporary and permanent injunction to keep the district from enforcing their COVID quarantine protocols. 

“We have first-hand knowledge of what isolation can do to children with our own children. We see that it can negatively impact them,” Shellem said.

Shellem says the three families are representing hundreds of parents– many of whom donated to a Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds to hire legal counsel. That fundraiser is now up to over $19,000.

“Show us the parents who are advocating for sick kids to go to school. I have yet to meet those parents. We want healthy kids to go to school,” Shellem said.

Edmond Schools sent News 4 this statement in response—

“Edmond Public Schools was notified Monday afternoon that three families intended to file a lawsuit against the district seeking injunctive relief against the district’s student quarantine procedures. The district notified the plaintiffs on Tuesday morning that it would not immediately be changing its quarantine procedures based on the threat of possible legal action. The district has been informed that the lawsuit was filed and that a restraining order has been requested. The district’s Covid procedures were developed to keep students and staff safe and to keep students in school five days a week. The district continuously monitors its Covid statistics and would make adjustments in the future based on positive cases and quarantine data trends.”   

One of the attorneys behind the suit tells us they are set to meet with a judge for a temporary restraining order on Friday.