OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A pedestrian was hit and killed by a car Monday morning and a local group says they are trying to bring more awareness to this during pedestrian safety month.

“I came out here and low and behold, someone had lost their life,” said Ben Blakey, a nearby business owner to the auto pedestrian crash.

Blakey said he’s owned his business near SW 15th Street and MacArthur Boulevard for many years. Unfortunately, he said he’s grown used to scenes like the one Monday morning.

“Usually, it’s right in front of my business here,” he said.

Oklahoma City police told KFOR that someone was hit and killed by a car while walking across the street. Blakey said while he does see people walking in or near the street in that area often, he said the driving is also erratic at times.

“It’s like a smorgasbord going in front of my business here and going down the middle of the road,” he said. “The speed limit here, if my memory serves me right is 45, but 65 is the normal for people going down through here. It would be nice if they would slow down a little bit and not follow so close.”

That’s where the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments wants to come in and bring awareness to these incidents with October being pedestrian safety month.

“If you’re driving a car over 40 mph, the person that you interact with has a very limited chance of survival,” said John Sharp with the association.

Their stats show 750 pedestrians, and 325 bicyclists are hit by cars on Oklahoma roadways each year, leading to death and serious injuries.

“We really want to impress upon people to pay attention around pedestrians, cyclists and folks moving across the street,” Sharp said.

Police said the driver did stop at the scene and no arrests have been made at this time.

For more information on pedestrian safety month and the events surrounding that like “walk to school day” on Oct. 4, you can visit their website at acogok.org.