GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – The Guthrie community is still coming to grips with the tragic drowning of three men in a boating accident, holding a memorial for them Wednesday evening. 

More than 150 people – loved ones, friends, and strangers – gathered at Mineral Wells Park in worship and prayer, remembering the men.

Their identities haven’t been revealed and the families say it hurts too much to speak publicly right now.

Worship leader Jace Dunagan expressed that their the pain is deeper than words.

“It’s a very scary place that they’re in right now,” he said. “There’s a lot of fear. There’s a lot of questions.”

Authorities reported that the three men were on an airboat Tuesday afternoon at Country Club Lake when it capsized and submerged. No one aboard resurfaced. Emergency responders arrived and a team of divers using sonar was sent in to find the victims.

“It takes some time to search those areas and then to identify those anomalies that were on the floor. And, you know, and that’s what they did,” said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Eric Foster. “There was a radius of about 200 feet. Now, if you can imagine, when you go down in that water, you can’t see but maybe an inch or two in front of your face. When you’re underwater with zero visibility and searching inch by inch, it takes a long time to make sure that you accomplish that effectively.”

In the following hours, all the bodies were recovered about 100 feet from each other. Crews would float the boat back to the surface the next day.

The Guthrie community is holding up the loved ones, although they aren’t able to understand this blindsiding tragedy.

“When we come together, we come together and I just wanted to show these families, we wanted to show these families that’s their support system,” Dunagan said of their unity. “They’re not alone.”

Oklahoma Highway Patrol has not yet released the names of the victims. Their investigation into the accident and its cause continues.