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GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – A 64-year-old Guthrie man chased down the man who allegedly stole his dirt bike last weekend, the day after the thief originally stole it.

It became a wild ride for Greg Gibson-Bailey. A man stole his and his son’s dirt bike straight from his backyard. However, the very next day he spotted it at a gas station about three miles from his home. Gibson-Bailey said he decided to follow it, taking care of business by himself.

“Fun day,” Gibson-Bailey said.

It was a long day at that. The 64-year-old pastor said he originally didn’t believe it when one of his sons asked if he cut the wire on their backyard gate.

“I said no. I thought he was joking with me,” he said.

When they went outside, he realized it was no joke. The family’s dirt bike was gone.

“I let it go overnight,” Gibson-Bailey said. “Went to bed mad.”

According to Gibson-Bailey, a Guthrie police officer, who lives around the corner from him, came over and asked if he wanted to file a report. He said he wasn’t sure at the time. The officer told him he was told someone dumped a bike in an alleyway not far from Gibson-Bailey’s home, so they went to go check it out. It turned out to not be his bike, so he filed a police report. The next day he and his sons planned to go to a splash pad and stopped by a local gas station before some fun in the sun.

“While I was pulling out, this guy went over and got on our bike and started it up,” Gibson-Bailey said. “My son David said, ‘Um, I think that’s our bike.’ I couldn’t believe it. There’s our bike.”

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Ryan Mangold

The man allegedly riding it was 29-year-old Ryan Mangold. Gibson-Bailey said he decided to follow him, with his wife on the phone with police dispatch the entire time.

“He pulled in front of us and was right in front of us,” he said.

The family followed him and said eventually Mangold tried to wave them around.

“He might have realized what van I was driving because, you know, he goes, ‘This might be the guy that owns it,’” Gibson-Bailey said.

As he pulled around to pass Mangold, the confrontation began.

“I told him that’s our bike you need to get off it now,” Gibson-Bailey said.

That’s when Mangold took off. He didn’t get very far though. He only made it to an alleyway before crashing.

“That’s when I got out of my van and went and pounced on him,” Gibson-Bailey said. “He started yelling, ‘Help! I’m being robbed by these people!’ I said you can tell that to PD.”

Police arrived on scene moments later. They questioned Mangold, who claimed he bought the bike for $500. Police didn’t buy it and took him into custody.

“I didn’t want him to have a come to Jesus meeting, because I conceal carry,” Gibson-Bailey said.

Mangold spray painted the bike black, and Gibson-Bailey alleges he broke locks on the gas cap and seat. Along with that, he said several parts are also missing. Mangold is being held on multiple charges.