GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – A Guthrie man is sitting in jail after setting literal flames of fury at his aunt’s apartment. 

Apartment fire. Image KFOR.

“It was scary, and it was unnecessary,” said Karla Morris, who lives next door. “He told her that if ‘I’m going to be homeless, you’re going to be homeless, too.’”

Morris told KFOR Brian Hendon, 48, already lived in the complex run by Guthrie Housing Authority but wanted to move to another unit. 

“There were conditions in his apartment that were unacceptable, and the housing authority was working on that, but he was very impatient,” said Morris. 

So, Hendon asked his aunt, who also lived in the complex, if he could crash with her. However, Morris said because of “previous incidents,” the aunt told Hendon no, which ignited his anger. 

“He walked down to the Loves, filled up a can of gas and walked all the way down here. So, it was probably about a two-mile trip,” said Noal Morris, Karla’s son. 

Court records reveal Hendon admitted to police that he “poured gas on the walls and lit the place on fire with a long-reach lighter.” 

“I pulled the lady out of the house, put her in this apartment over here with my mom. I locked them in and locked them behind the door,” said Noal Morris. “I chased him off, grabbed the hose and tried to put it out.”

Police showed up a short time later and found Hendon sitting on a curb outside of the apartments. The documents show Hendon confessed “he was going to light his own house on fire but decided to burn down his aunt’s instead.” 

Hendon also asked for medical help because he burned his own legs during the incident. 

He’s facing first degree arson charges and his bond is set at $50,000.

The good news is his aunt is ok and has been moved to another unit temporarily.