GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) — A woman in Guthrie was shocked to learn that human remains had been found Wednesday night just feet from her backyard.

“That is crazy,” said Jamie Huskey after she walked with KFOR to her back fence to find police tape surrounding an area where the body was found.

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“Whenever it rained, especially when it rained heavily it would just kind of smell dead throughout the house,” said Huskey. “Like a deathly smell.”

Guthrie Police Sergeant Anthony Gibbs said the remains had been found near I-35 and East Noble Avenue. They were found in a grassy area just past Heather and the Sonic Drive-In.

“It’s not often that a body is found, especially here in Guthrie,” said Sgt. Gibbs. “All we know is that the remains had definitely been out there for quite some time.”

As to how long, Sgt. Gibbs couldn’t say just yet.

Huskey said she just moved into the home in February, and since she moved in she said there’s a smell that creeps into one of the bedrooms facing the area where the remains had been found.

Sgt. Gibbs said that not only is it rare for the community of Guthrie to find human remains, but there also aren’t any open missing person reports that he knows about.

Thursday KFOR walked with Huskey to the edge of her property where she saw the search ongoing.

“That is crazy,” said Huskey.

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She said that she hadn’t seen or heard anything over the past couple of months but was concerned for her family.

“My friend called me and asked if there was a body on my property today and I said I don’t think so,” said Huskey.

Guthrie Police has called on the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations to help in the case.

“When you have a smaller community like us we need agents from OSBI and their equipment to hopefully identify who this was and how they were killed,” said Sgt. Gibbs.

Sgt. Gibbs said that the next step is to hopefully be able to identify the person and tell their next of kin or loved ones of their death.

“I honestly was planning on having a Halloween party at my house sometime soon. This kind of turns me off from it,” said Huskey. As of Thursday afternoon, Huskey told KFOR that police hadn’t talked to her yet.

Sgt. Gibbs said that they are in need of any information that could help in their investigation so if you or someone you know can help you can call Guthrie Police at (405) 232-3535.