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OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – Several Oklahoma law enforcement agencies have become the victims of a crime after their websites were hacked. A cyber security expert told KFOR it appears the hacks are connected.

“It’s just clear that obviously the entire front page was totally replaced with other content that is not the legitimate site,” said cyber security expert Geoff Wilson, the CEO of GoSecurityPro.

A website hacker had eyes on four state county sheriff office websites Tuesday night – Payne, Lincoln, Custer and Seminole counties were all hit.

Website visitors were greeted with images of a person on a hill holding a flag and a translated Turkish phrase, “Do not be like those who forgot Allah, so Allah made them forget themselves. Here they really went astray.”

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This image appeared on the front page of sheriff’s office websites that were hacked.

“Website defacements can take all forms and it can have various content,” said Wilson.

Wilson believes the same hackers may be behind all four hits.

“The sheriff’s offices may’ve been on the same underlying technology that was vulnerable,” said the expert. “An attacker will identify a vulnerability and change what the website says in order to get out a certain message or draw people to your content.”

The apparent hacker left his Instagram, Facebook and a link to a video with a man speaking in a different language.

“Websites are often isolated and segmented from the rest of the network because they are so public,” said Wilson. “I think it’s a good reminder that all organizations need good cyber hygiene practices in place.”

KFOR reached out to the four county sheriff’s offices but no one was available to comment. The sheriff and undersheriffs were all at an Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association conference.