OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – You may be having a harder time finding the local peaches you know and love right now – local farmers and farmers markets say it’s due to the extreme weather we’ve experienced.

“We’ve been in this location since 2012,” said Matt Burch, co-founder of Urban Agrarian. “This all started out of my garage doing roadside stands back in ’08 – pretty cool.”

Over time, Burch’s small business has grown much larger.

Urban Agrarian has locations in downtown OKC and Edmond.

“We’re open year round with crops, meat and dairy,” Burch said. 

But one of their most popular items is short in stock right now. 

“What everybody’s looking for is like a juicy, tender, ripe, sweet peach,” Burch said. 

Finding and maintaining that tender, juicy goodness is not easy. 

Peaches do have a shelf life, after all.

“They want something that’s been tree ripened, and those can mainly just be dealt with locally because they ripen so quick, they’ll go bad quickly,” Burch said. 

Burch usaully gets his peaches from Livesay Orchards in Porter, Oklahoma – which he says is the primary peach producer in the state.

But Mother Nature has given them peach problems far beyond their control.

“There has been a late frost the last several years and then this year there was a hailstorm in May that knocked most of the fruit off the trees so they’ve had three of the worst years that they’ve had in their multigenerational orchard just in the last several years,” said Burch. 

Livesay has been working with a network of other peach farmers, some in Texas, to provide stock to vendors like Urban Agrarian.

Matt has also been reaching out to other local farms – particularly one in Harrah.

He hopes to have more by this weekend.

“We’re a mission-driven business that’s really here to support local farms,” Burch said. “So when mother nature doesn’t cooperate, it just gets really tricky for us to do the work that we’re really intending to do here.”

While it may be slim pickings for Oklahoma peaches, other shelves are far from bare.

“We still got some really good blackberries,” Burch said. “Right now, blueberry season is in full swing. The tomatoes are about to get started. Watermelons and cantaloupes are coming soon. So there’s there’s definitely good stuff to find – just maybe not peaches in abundance this year.”

Similar weather-related peach shortages have been reported in other states as well.