OSAGE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) — A small town mom called News 4 this week to share her story of how 19-year-old Zachry Bailey conned her out of thousands of dollars and nearly her car.

Chrissi Newbold describes herself as a simple, plain person.

Newbold purchased a 2018 Range Rover last year, but decided to recently sell it on Facebook Marketplace.

She listed the car for $45,000, but there was $52,341.41 left on the vehicle’s loan to pay off. The deal Newbold planned on making was paying the rest of the loan herself.

Zachry Bailey messaged Newbold on Facebook about the car.

“Sorry for the late interest. Me and my wife would love to come take a look! Who is the lien through?,” said Bailey in a Facebook message.

After Newbold disclosed which bank the lien was through he said, “Okay we want the car!”

“Very charismatic. He talked about how he had several degrees, graduated high school online, and he was a spoiled rich kid that was very smart, had every luxury vehicle out there. He named them all that he had before. He was very open and talked a lot about his life and what all he enjoyed doing was traveling and he loved fast cars,” stated Newbold.

According to Newbold’s bank statement, a direct debt payoff to her account was made.

“It was pending on Wells Fargo until the next morning. Friday morning, it showed there was a zero balance and the account was closed,” she told KFOR.

Newbold said she even called Wells Fargo and verified the transaction wasn’t fraudulent.

Newbold explained how no red flag popped up other than Bailey being 19 years old and having access to $50k+.

The money was then returned a few days later and Newbold was on the hook for the loan again.

“He’s good at what he does,” added Newbold.

Newbold, however, already paid Bailey, his 74-year-old father, and his 16-year-old wife $2,300 for a portion of her loan repayment.

Luckily, Bailey never had possession of Newbold’s car as it was in the shop and then Bailey ended up in jail.

Bailey was arrested on August 13 on two counts of felony deception out of Oklahoma County. He was arrested by Apache Police and booked into the Caddo County Detention Center. He was then extradited to the Oklahoma County Detention Center where he still sits as of Friday.

“He’s not stopping. He’s been continuing through his wife since he’s been locked up. He’s not stopping. He has not learned his lesson. He’s just a con artist,” said Newbold.

The morning of Bailey being booked at the Caddo County Detention Center, Bailey’s wife texted Newbold’s husband about money.

“My husband is in the hospital, please I need the money to pay for bills. What do I need to do for you to send the money? Even like half like 2k. I don’t have access to the lien release right now, but I really need this money. If you can send me at least half and I will get the lien release to you as fast as possible,” said Bailey’s wife in a text message shared with KFOR.

“His wife has lied, of course, and said that he’s in the hospital. She has medical bills that she has to pay and she has bills that she has to pay and that she needs the money. And she didn’t know we knew he was already locked up from watching the news,” stated Newbold.

Newbold called the Osage County Sheriff’s Office who told her not to send Bailey’s family another penny.

Additionally, Newbold has spoken with the Apache Police, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, and Oklahoma City Police.

After speaking with a dispatcher at OKCPD, Newbold said she was told a detective would soon reach out.

Instead, a U.S. Secret Service agent called her on August 17 with questions.

Newbold said the USSS agent told her Bailey, his wife, and his father, Phillip were all being investigated for wire fraud.

“[The USSS agent] said, ‘Well, this is the second Range Rover. You’re the second Range Rover victim that’s going on right now,'” stated Newbold. “They’re actually taking it serious. It’s not just one secret, one little victim. I mean, it’s a serious thing. This guy is bad news.”

Newbold told KFOR she never thought selling her car to Bailey would land her in front of a camera or in a conversation with the USSS.

She said she will press charges against Bailey and his wife either Friday or next week.

“I just think it’s important that all three of them are prosecuted for this. And I feel like if the wife is 16, it doesn’t matter because she’s continuing this out thinking that she’s covered up by being a minor. I feel like if she’s going to act like an adult and be married, she needs to be treated like an adult and be prosecuted like an adult,” said Newbold.

News 4 stopped by the Osage County Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

Sheriff Eddie Virden confirmed they are actively working with the USSS. He said they’re waiting to hear if there’s something more they can do, but everything in Newbold’s case has been documented on their part.

“We’re making contact with the Secret Service to see if they’re going to handle the entire case or if we’re going to go ahead and prepare an affidavit and seek charges in state court for the fraud here,” said Sheriff Virden.

So far, Sheriff Virden said no other victim has come forward in Osage County.

“We always find out later that, you know, they had a similar situation, but basically never reported it because they felt like it was their mistake for trusting somebody. It’s a shame. But, you know, everybody needs to know these scams are out there,” he added. “People are doing similar things. You’ve got to take precautions, protect yourself.”

In addition to there possibly being more charges filed against Bailey in Osage County, two more were filed in Oklahoma County this week.

Both charges are felony counts of deception. One is for allegedly trying to defraud someone out of a $200,000 Lamborghini and another for a $30,000 Trans-Am.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Bailey purchased the Lamborghini on Facebook Marketplace.

After Bailey deposited a check into the victim’s bank account, the luxury car was shipped to Bailey’s address in July.

The check was returned as “insufficient funds.”

The victim asked the vehicle be returned or the money be paid immediately, but court records show Bailey kept making excuses.

An acquaintance of the victim’s posed an interested buyer once Bailey tried selling the car on Facebook Marketplace for $40,000.

Bailey allegedly agreed to have the witness “test drive” the car.

The witness kept the car and sent it back to the victim.

As for the Trans-Am, the vehicle was recovered but it was missing parts costing a total of $6,000.

Bailey called News 4 Reporter Kaylee Olivas Thursday night. He did not leave a voicemail or call back on Friday.

Bailey still sits in the Oklahoma County Detention Center on a $200,000 bond.