OKLAHOMA COUNTY (KFOR) – Tributes continue to pour in for Sgt. Robert “Bobby” Swartz, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputy killed in the line of duty Monday.

image of deputy bobby swartz
Sgt. Robert “Bobby” Swartz, image from Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office

Swartz is remembered for his reliability and tenacity.

“Bobby has a family that is grieving. He has a son. He has grandchildren that will no longer get to see him at their games,” said former Oklahoma Co. Sheriff John Whetsel. “He killed a good man.”

Swartz was shot and killed in an ambush while serving an eviction notice.

Whetsel remembered a severe motorcycle crash that nearly killed Swartz in 2008. He underwent several surgeries and came back to work in the civil division.

“He was willing to do that for the citizens of Oklahoma County,” said Whetsel. “Every law enforcement officer that wakes up in the morning puts a uniform on, puts the badge on and walks out the door is willing to sacrifice.”

This year, 165 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty. Forty-five of those deaths are the result of gunfire. Whetsel stated the senselessness of it feels overwhelming.

“One of those names and one of those numbers this year is Bobby Swartz,” said Whetsel. “Back in the other days, we weren’t facing people with an AK-47. The past criminals had respect for law enforcement. The criminal of today doesn’t.”

Swartz’s funeral will be at Crossing Community Church in Oklahoma City this Friday.