SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) — A family is grieving the loss of a Shawnee man who was hit and killed by a driver while he was riding his bicycle in town. His family said they are now trying to scrape together as much money as possible to pay for his funeral.

“He was just too young to pass. He had a lot of life and enjoyed life,” said Cindy Hanks, the victim’s sister. “He’s got a big, bright smile.”

Courtesy of Cindy Hanks

It’s clear to anyone who talks to Cindy Hanks that she misses her brother, Jason Hanks.

“He used to roof and frame, and then he sort of became a handy mechanic, which he was not a very good mechanic, but he tries. He tried real hard,” she told News 4 while laughing.

On April 2, Jason and his friend, Ronny Baker, were riding their bikes along Highway 3. They were on their way to give Cindy a present. That’s when Baker said a car came out of nowhere, hit both of them, and kept driving.

Jason Hanks didn’t make it.

“It just, it just happened so fast,” said Baker. “Where you sit down on the seat, his head was up underneath the bar and his foot was over the wheel, he was bad.”

“It was terrible,” said Cindy Hanks. “They made a flight to Oklahoma City and we didn’t get to see him. He passed before he got there.”

Jason Hanks, 48, leaves behind three kids and a grandchild.

Courtesy of Cindy Hanks

Cindy Hanks said Jason’s daughter has already paid for her father’s funeral. Now, the family is trying to gather enough money to give Jason a proper funeral.

“Times are tough on money and stuff like that. It’s kind of bad timing,” said Cindy Hanks.

Meanwhile, Shawnee Police are still looking for a 2011 or 2012 dark-colored 4-door Honda Accord that is missing a bumper, grill, and passenger mirror.

“It would be nice to turn yourself in, you know, we’d ask for leniency on you. It’d just be nice to be able to close the situation there,” said Cindy Hanks.

If you’d like to help out the family, Cindy said it’s best to reach her on her Facebook Page.