EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) — A Halloween party turned into a crime scene. After hearing from the victim’s family, the family of the person accused tells News 4 there’s more to the story you need to know about.

“He felt his life was under threat by this individual. He was harassing him,” said Jacob Tsotigh, the suspect’s grandfather and Vice Chairman of Kiowa Tribe.

Delsin Tsotigh, Courtesy of Jacob Tsotigh

Jacob Tsotigh said his grandson, Delsin, called him from the Canadian County Jail on Saturday. Hours before that phone call, the 20-year-old was at a Halloween party on Reformatory Rd. in El Reno.

Tsotigh claimed his grandson was targeted for harassment due to his race, and at 5’10” tall, he was facing a man just under seven feet.

Justin "Peyton" Davidson senior picture
Justin “Peyton” Davidson, courtesy of the Davidson family

“He was under threat, by this larger than life individual,” said Tsotigh.

“The guy pulled a gun and shot him three times in the head,” said Davidson.

Newly released body cam footage shows us what one witness said led up to the gunfire.

“The white guy wanted street credit,” a witness said to an officer. “They wanted to tell each other how tough one another is.”

“My buddy wasn’t participating it it. He was trying to avoid the situation but the big guy was pressing him on, ‘I’m cool. I got my stripes in the hood,'” the witness told the officer.

As another investigator questioned Tsotigh in the back of a patrol car, the officer wearing the body camera walks away.

Davidson’s girlfriend told News 4 she saw everything.

“I was in front of him trying to help him calm down the next thing I know he was collapsing in my arms and on the ground,” said Camyrnn Barker, Davidson’s girlfriend.

Davidson was rushed to OU Health. He was brain dead.

“At 7:57pm I had to decide to pull the plug,” said Jason Davidson, the victim’s father.

Meanwhile, Tsotigh stayed on scene.

“He stayed there because he thought he was okay,” said Jacob Tsotigh. “El Reno, has historically been one of bias and discrimination and challenge for our Native people. The assumption, by law enforcement, is that he was the instigator, the perpetrator.”

Delsin Tsotigh, Courtesy of Jacob Tsotigh

El Reno Police said they were not aware of an investigation being conducted on the basis of race.

Jacob Tsotigh said he helped raise his grandson who has never been in trouble.

“I held him in my arms five minutes after he was born and I gave him the nickname baby,” said Tsotigh. “Delsin is a good boy.”

Tsotigh said his grandson was a star football player for Norman High School. He believes his grandson is a family man, not a murderer.

“He’s compassionate, a hard worker, very caring,” said Tsotigh.

“The last thing you expect, ever, is to bury your child,” said Jason Davidson.

“My heart goes out to them. It could’ve been my baby,” said Tsotigh.