OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Healthier Oklahoma Coalition hosted a virtual meeting on Tuesday with health professionals to discuss a variety of health related topics.

Numerous health professionals from across the state participated in the meeting such as:

  • Jean Hausheer, M.D., is a past president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association and leader of the Healthier Oklahoma Coalition COVID-19 Task Force
  • Dale Bratzler, D.O., chief COVID officer and Interim Dean of the Hudson College of Public Health at the University of Oklahoma
  • Mark Rowland, M.D., a Tulsa-based infectious disease specialist
  • David Holden, M.D., president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association and an orthopedic surgeon based in Oklahoma City
  • David Kendrick, M.D., MPH, founder and CEO of MyHealth Access Network, department chair of Medical Informatics at the OU School of Community Medicine

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The virtual meeting was held to address a variety of topics relating to Norovirus, COVID-19, RSV, Influenza, immunizations and treatment options. Those topics included:

  • FDA-approved treatments
  • COVID immunization rates
  • Covid XBB Variant and treatment options
  • MyHealth update on COVID, Flu and RSV

Health experts discussed a new virus making its way through Oklahoma called Norovirus.

Dr. Stan Schwartz explained the virus and how avoid spreading it.

“Your alcohol-based disinfectants like Purell are not very effective against it,” Dr. Schwartz said. “The second thing is it can persist for a long time on surfaces, perhaps up to weeks.”

Officials say handwashing is key to fighting the Norovirus. It is also recommended to use bleach-based cleaners and washing clothes in hot water.

“It’s all about hand hygiene and avoiding indoor crowds especially where meal are taking,” added Dr. Schwartz.