OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Right now, we’re under a heat alert.

It was a dangerously hot weekend in Oklahoma City with EMSA responding to nine heat related calls, most of them at the state fair.

If you’re planning to head to the fair, there are ways to stay cool.

Everyone’s doing all they can to stay refreshed, fueled and cool at what’s been a hot state fair so far.

“They think they’ve hit the big time getting to be here at the Oklahoma State Fair,” said Sherri Stewart, Band Director at Okarche High School. “So they get to experience marching for the first time so we’re excited.” 

When the bands went marching in the great state fair Monday morning, many had some modified looks they were sporting.

“It’s hot this week and we’ve had issues in the past with students passing out in the heat,” said Okarche Band Director Russell Harris.  “I wanted to try to avoid that as much as possible so we’re going with something comfortable for the parade.” 

These high school students are among the masses trying to beat the heat on the fairgrounds.

Over the weekend, EMSA responded to several calls of heat-related illnesses among fairgoers.

“We’ve had some hot weather before, but this is probably going to be near the top, if not the top of the list,” said Scott Munz, with the Oklahoma State Fair. 

When News 4 cruised the fair, crews found many folks taking a break from the fun in the sun.

“We have plenty of buildings that are air conditioned, so we encourage people to go inside if they need to get a little relief,” Munz said. “Sit down on one of the benches. There’s some shade structures around. We have some trees located throughout the property.”

Additionally, workers routinely check the surfaces of the rides to make sure they’re not too hot.

Fair staff says should you need help, it’s always readily available.

“Anybody of authority, anybody who’s on a golf cart, anybody who’s wearing a badge, you know, we’ve got a lot of people around the property monitoring what’s going on,” said Munz. 

The carnival portion of the fair is working on setting up misting stations so people can get relief there also.