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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Several rounds of rain and storms hit many parts of the city on Thursday, making flooded areas across the metro even worse and turning some streets into rivers.

In The Village, near Britton and Village Drive, some drivers could be seen driving through the flooded roadways, sending water into the air. The street’s water currents moved quickly and caused white caps to form.

KFOR captured the moments when neighborhood children grabbed a boat and started rowing down the block.

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Local youngsters making the most out of floodwaters.

Nearby, water could be seen rushing out of sewage holes while the storm drains tried to keep up.

“The water moves very fast,” said Village city worker Gareth Matson. “So, I wouldn’t wade into it at all.”

City workers said they know how flooded the drainage canal in the Village can get. At one point, using a city truck to stop drivers from making dangerous mistakes.

“The water was high enough to go over the guard rail,” said city worker Bobby Looney. “So, we’re stopping traffic so no one hits the guard rail and gets stuck in their vehicle.”

“I would say the water gets about eight or nine feet. Further down, it gets really rough. Two, three, four feet of waves. It gets pretty bad,” said Matson.

“I call it a concrete bayou,” said Joyce Schwartz, who lives in The Village. “They should take precaution to make motorists not come down this road.”

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Heavy floods made driving difficult in the metro.

Schwartz said she has been watching the flood waters go up and down in front of her home for years.

“I would turn around, because I don’t want to drown. That’s not how I want to end my being on this planet,” she said.

In a neighborhood near Northwest 122nd and Macarthur, 4-Sight Drone captured badly eroded creek banks in the backyards of homes. Neighbors told News 4 that the creek’s shifting currents chipped away at the land for years. The recent weather is only speeding things up.

Chopper 4 captured many high water rescues. So far, officials have not told News 4 of any injuries