OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — KFOR meteorologists warned that the high winds on Friday and dry conditions could lead to wildfires. That happened late Friday afternoon.

Wildfires starting popping up in North Oklahoma City, Near Edmond, and Logan County to name a few of the locations.

Image of wildfires
Image courtesy KFOR

Multiple homes and structures were lost in the fire.

image of a tipped trailer blocking roadway
Image courtesy KFOR
Image courtesy KFOR
Oklahoma wildfires
Image courtesy KFOR

The Red Cross has activated emergency operations due to this widespread event.

The Red Cross is working to provide evacuation centers for residents and canteen support for first responders in counties including Oklahoma, Lincoln, Logan, Dewey, Kingfisher, Washington and Osage.

Governor Stitt responded to the outbreak of wildfires saying, “Oklahoma is experiencing widespread fire outbreaks. We anticipate to be in these challenging weather conditions for another 48 hours. I’ve called all forestry task forces to respond across the state. We will keep working with local partners to develop control lines.”

“We are tracking 70 hotspots on satellite with more than 35 fires reported. Pay attention to any evacuation orders in your area and leave as soon as evacuation orders are recommended by local officials. Stay safe, Oklahoma!”

Open evacuation centers:

Town & Country Christian Church
616 NE Washington Ave.

Waterloo Road Church of Christ on I-35 and Waterloo

At this time no injuries are reported.