OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – High water pressure is causing problems for some northwest Oklahoma City residents.

They said the pressure of the city water flowing through the pipes has been high and one man said he paid thousands of dollars to fix the damage it caused.

“It was a disaster,” John Broom said. “I mean, we went without floors for three months, just concrete.”

Broom has lived in his neighborhood near NW 122nd Street and MacArthur Boulevard for about 15 years.

He said the pressure problems just started last year though.

“It was a nightmare,” he said.

Broom’s neighbor across the street, Mark Falk said he’s lived across the street in the same neighborhood for about 20 years. He just joined Brooms water woes on Thursday.

“Last night, I noticed the hot spot under the slab,” said Falk.

When his hot water tank is turned on, his meter just spins, but no water is running in the house.

NW OKC water pressure issues

“We’ve had at least four or five occurrences just on our block,” Falk said.

For Broom though, the issue was much worse last September.

“Water was just coming out everywhere,” he said.

The damage was extensive.

He said it took out about 2000 square feet of flooring, an entire rooms dry wall, all the baseboards and two water heaters. All of it totaled about $15,000.

Broom emailed the city citing his issues.

He measured his water pressure Friday morning and it was close to 100 psi. According to Nationwide Insurance, normal pressure is between 30 and 80.

Even though he’s gotten it fixed and is in a low elevation area, which brings more pressure, he’s still afraid of last year’s incident happening again.

“When I leave the house, even though it’s been replaced, I turn off my water,” he said.

KFOR did get in contact with a spokesperson for the city utilities department. They said they haven’t had any problems at the Hefner Water Treatment Plant. As of the production of this story, we are waiting for their full response to the situation.