OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — An Oklahoma City man and the elderly woman with health issues that he helped described their encounter Thursday as her husband was in the hospital clinging to life.

“My angel with a hard hat,” said Dawn Skiles as she hugged Joshua Massey. The man that held up the Oklahoma standard and lent a helping hand.

Once strangers, Skiles and Massey now have a friendship neither knew would exist prior to Sunday. Both of them were standing in the same parking lot where they met just under a week ago. However, that was under far different circumstances.

“My husband had just gotten in an ambulance to come to St. Anthony’s because he couldn’t breathe,” Skiles said. “He’s a four-stage kidney failure patient.”

Skiles 85-year-old husband was taken to the hospital from their Duncan home recently. This was also just days after Skiles suffered a heart attack. She had another one when the ambulance left.

“So, within 45 minutes, I was on my way to the city to and had been in there for a week,” she said.

After some recovery time, she went home and came back to the hospital to be with her husband.

“I was coming back up to see when I could bring my husband home,” she said.

However, when she got back all ready dealing with lingering heart issues, the problems piled on.

“I saw my car was overheating and there was water coming up on windshield,” she said. “I was sitting there and just this far away from tears.”

That’s when Massey, who was doing some work at the hospital, stepped in. He said he saw her when he was leaving.

“I asked her if she didn’t mind riding with a stranger,” he said.

Skiles called him her angel with a hard hat. He took her to get her car fixed, but that wasn’t all. He helped her around the hospital and stayed with her as she had another heart issue when they got inside.

“He said, I will not abandon you,” Skiles said. “I am not going to leave you stranded here.”

“If it was my grandma, I’d want somebody to help,” Massey said. “You know, if it was my mom, I’d want somebody to help them.”

Massey left one simple message as he and Skiles have a newfound friendship after their encounter.

“If you see somebody that needs help, help them,” he said. “You know, it only takes 5 minutes to at least see if somebody needs help.”

Dawn tells KFOR she hopes at some point she can buy Massey and his family dinner or drinks. She has tried to pay Massey, but he refused. She’s still waiting on news regarding her husband’s health.