OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR)- As two drivers were heading down Northwest 10th and Meridian Avenue, one shot multiple rounds at the other in a road rage-induced incident, leaving the other dead.

The alleged shooter, 25-year-old Kasey Caleb McConville is said to have shot off multiple rounds at 31-year-old, Devyn Hinkle’s red pickup truck.

Kasey McConville. Photo courtesy of OKCPD.

As Oklahoma City Police arrived on scene just after 2:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon, Lt. Jeff Flaggert said Hinkle was seen laying on the pavement next to his truck in the middle of the intersection.

Hinkle was then rushed to a nearby hospital for surgery.

He died later that afternoon.

“I was really shocked. It’s just really random, to be honest,” said a friend of Hinkle’s, Jacqueline Kaden.

Officials said McConville fled the scene in a hearse-like car with a Christmas wreath hanging on the side.

Several witnesses in the area were able to provide a suspect vehicle description.

Based on those tips, police stopped by a house in the 2100 block of NW 35th St. where the hearse was found, and McConville was arrested.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on a charge of first-degree murder. 

According to booking records, McConville’s bond was denied.  

News 4 spoke with several of Hinkle’s friends Monday afternoon in which each one said they’re still trying to process his death.

One friend told News 4 off-camera that Hinkle didn’t deserve to die.

“His kids will never see their dad again,” the friend said.

Kaden stated Hinkle was easygoing, always smiling, and got along with just about everyone he came in contact with.

Kaden told KFOR they had been friends for 15-18 years.

“He was always there for me, so I know he would just be shaking his head like a lot and like thinking, this is crazy. I’m just hoping that really, that his family and his kids get closure. That’s really all I hope for them,” explained Kaden.

According to McConville’s court records, he doesn’t have a criminal history.

The only case that pops up under his name is a traffic ticket for speeding 11-14 mph over the limit in 2020.