NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) — A Norman woman says she’s out nearly a thousand dollars for a water line leak and sprinkler system damage she says was caused by an AT&T contractor installing cable for high speed internet in her neighborhood.

Here’s the twist – Joan Johnson says she’s not even an AT&T customer!

“Basically all the damage occurred right in here,” said Johnson, motioning to the ground in an interview Wednesday with KFOR.

“This is where the AT&T fiber contractors did their digging. And we didn’t know we had a problem until we turned on our sprinkler systems ,” she added.

Months later, the problem has been patched and the grass has grown back, but underneath still tells the story of one big mess.

“[We] didn’t know it was AT&T until the sprinkler people came out to fix it. They had to dig here [and] when they surfaced, they pulled and broke the wires to the sprinkler system and the pipe,” she said.

Joan filed a claim and provided proof of the damage but was denied.

After paying nearly a thousand dollars out of pocket, she said hoped for resolution and a reimbursement for the expenses.

But, that’s not how things have played out.

“Their contractor called me and it was Superior Construction, ” she said.

“They looked at the pictures and I’m not sure they ever came out [but] they said, ‘It couldn’t have been us. And if it had been us, we would have known,'” she added.

She said she called KFOR to get around “the runaround.”

When KFOR first contacted AT&T, a company spokesperson said the claim was closed “for lack of pursuit.”

In a follow-up email to the station Wednesday, the same spokesperson indicated the company was “gathering more information” on the claim.

By early Wednesday evening, Johnson shared a voicemail she received from the same third party claims management company who originally investigated the issue, saying the case had been re-assigned:

“I’ve asked them to expedite your claim and I’m hoping to hear from them by the end of the week,” said the claims adjuster in a voicemail to Johnson provided to KFOR.

“I’m hopeful that AT&T will just do the right thing and settle up with me pretty quick,” said Johnson.

“[If not] I’m going to take them to small claims court because I’m certain that a judge would side with me. We’ve got all the right documentation and it’s pretty clear cut case,” she added.