SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – Several homeowners were affected after Wednesday night’s storms in Shawnee. There are downed powerlines, power outages in parts of the city, and some homes are a total loss.

Several homes near Kickapoo Street were damaged or destroyed. You can see the devastation and just how much the tornado did in a matter of minutes. One homeowner told KFOR his family will have to move.

“It’s really emotional because we had family pictures of us. They are all gone. So, I mean, my kids were born and this house, all of them. And I’m going to miss this house,” said Edwin Bhaddi, home destroyed.

Edwin Bhaddi said he and his family were in a closet on the other side of the master bedroom which was ripped apart during the tornado.

“This was the room in which we were in, and then the tornado came. We were just inside for two minutes, and the wall all began shaking. And everything came down through,” said Bhaddi.

Bhaddi said they’ve lost sentimental items like pictures and memories they won’t get back. But the people he loves are safe.

“I’m glad that the blessing of the Lord kept us safe, and nothing happened to us because that is materialistic. But all of our family is okay. That’s the main thing,” said Bhaddi.

“Man, I was surprised,” said Matt Ford, college student.

Across the street, a house full of Oklahoma Baptist University students are now without a home.

“This is the living room or what was the living room. We’ve cleaned up here and there and it is a college house, but it wasn’t this bad I promise,” said James Stout, home destroyed.

James Stout said their decision to drive to campus to seek shelter appears to have been a life-savor.

“We got word basically that the tornado was headed this way. So, we actually went to and took shelter there on campus,” said Stout.

But friends and family are there to help.

“Behind camera here, there’s a bunch of folks here helping us out. And, it’s really great. It makes our life a lot easier,” said Stout.

A nearby neighbor, who also experienced home damage, spent his day helping others.

“We went and checked on everybody. Everybody was checking on everyone and we went through one house that was completely down with the roof. And the lady was out of town and so I called her and notified her,” said Andy Dyke, home damaged.

Cleanup is underway and several family and friends are there to help, along with organizations like Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief and Red Cross.

KFOR will continue to keep you updated on recovery.