CYRIL, Okla. (KFOR) – Residents in one community in southwest Oklahoma are picking up the pieces after a tornado damaged homes in the area.

On Monday evening, residents in Cyril were forced to head to their storm shelters as a tornado moved through Caddo County.

“We actually thought all the weather was clear; the sun was shining. All of a sudden, it started to rain, then the wind picked up,” said Sandy Stafford.

Stafford told KFOR that she saw debris in the air and spotted a mobile home that had been flipped on its side.

Cyril tornado damage : KFOR

“So I come up here to my brother’s house and the back side of his house is pretty much destroyed. And it leveled his horse barn,” Stafford said. “He has another barn back behind it that portions of it are missing, which were blown over into the pasture.”

After making sure everyone was OK, Stafford said her family and neighbors started looking for priceless items.

“There was a lot of sentimental things that we had people helping us look for, like some saddles and things that belonged to my grandfather and my dad, who have both passed away,” she said.

Stafford says the support from the community and neighbors has been amazing.