OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A homicide investigation is underway at the Oxford Inn in Northeast Oklahoma City. 

“It’s usually quiet,” said J.L. McAfee, who lives nearby. “You just got to be careful.”

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, around 6:30 Friday morning, two people were fighting on a second-floor landing outside of the hotel rooms. 

Homicide investigation at Oxford Inn. Image KFOR.
Homicide investigation at Oxford Inn. Image KFOR.

“So, on the second floor, they’re fighting,” said Msgt. Gary Knight. “One of them produces a handgun and fires a shot. That shot hit the victim. Victim went into a room where he collapsed and then later died.”

However, Knight told KFOR it appears the victim wasn’t involved in the fight. 

“It appears, at least at this time, that the person who was hit by gunfire was an unintended victim,” said Knight. 

Police said the suspect sped away from the scene. 

“The person who fired the shot got into a vehicle and fled the scene very quickly. I don’t have a definitive description of that person,” said Knight. “Anyone with information on this case, we want to hear from them through the homicide tip line.”

The other person involved in the fight was cooperative with police. The number for the homicide tip line is (405) 297-1200.