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LUTHER, Okla. (KFOR) – Oklahoma County deputies are pouring over dental records and missing persons reports to determine whose skull was found on a cattle ranch near a creek in Luther. Investigators are also searching for the original crime scene.

“Whatever happened didn’t happen here, but rather that skull had washed down,” said Aaron Brilbeck with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Cattle ranchers spotted a human skull near the Deep Fork Creek in Luther Saturday afternoon. Deputies and the medical examiner’s office swarmed the area, near Harrah and Diagonal road, to search for clues. Nothing was found.

“We didn’t find any clothing. We didn’t find any other remains nearby,” Brilbeck told KFOR.

However, the medical examiner’s office later made a discovery.

“There is what appears to be one single gunshot wound in the skull,” said Brilbeck

The hole was located just above one of the eyes. So far in the investigation, it’s unclear if the person’s death was a homicide or a suicide.

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A human skull was found near this creek in Luther. Image KFOR

Investigators are also working to determine how long the skull has been in the water or when the person died. The water is throwing a wrench in the decomposition process.

Brilbeck said unfortunately, deputies are familiar with the area.

“We’ll find things that have washed down there. There are people that oftentimes swim down there. We’ve unfortunately found a few bodies in that same area,” said Brilbeck.

With the recent rains and lack of clues, deputies do not believe this is where the person died.

“We suspect that the primary scene was somewhere else, we just don’t know where,” he said.

Now, deputies and investigators are just glad they have something to go off of.

“Somewhere, there’s a family that is missing someone they love, and that family deserves to have answers,” said Brilbeck.

News 4 asked the Sheriff’s Office if the skull could be linked to the other human remains found in Luther last month. Brilbeck said it is far too early in the investigation to know.