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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Hundreds of boxes are being organized and loaded into a donated refrigerated truck. Inside the truck – free healthy food.

“Fresh produce, all types of vegetables, and then you have dairy, milk and cheese and butter, half and half, and then there are probably 500 gallons of milk,” Pastor Derrick Scobey from Ebenezer Baptist Church said.

And in the middle of the process, there was a major downpour storm.

“Yeah, it’s raining, but we can handle it,” Scobey said.

This has been Pastor Scobey’s work for months. He’s coordinated three food giveaways at his northeast Oklahoma City church during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is probably why a world humanitarian aid organization called World Vision is offering to help out.

“Someone reached out to me and said, ‘We can bring eight truckloads over eight weeks of a thousand plus boxes of food,’” Scobey said.

But this time the giveaway will be miles away at Emmanuel Tabernacle Church in northwest Oklahoma City – another area of town with a big need.

“We are just so thankful and honored to be used by God to be able to distribute the food,” Bishop Jeffery D. Goldsmith said.

Their generosity isn’t limited to the metro. Pastor Scobey’s wife, Angela, had another idea to distribute food to predominantly black communities with the help of the towns’ mayors.

“She came up with a list of 10 black towns. I won’t even try to name them all, but Clearview, Boley, Tullahassee and Lima and Rentiesville, and also Tatums.” Angela Bush Scobey said.

It’s neighbors helping neighbors in their time of need.

“We’re going to weather this. God is going to see us through this, but this is what we are doing at the time,” Goldsmith said.

The giveaway will be on the north side of Emmanuel Tabernacle on 9700 N. Western Ave., at 8 a.m. Saturday for the next two months.

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