OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority says I-44/H.E. Bailey Turnpike fully transitioned Thursday to PlatePay/cashless tolling between Lawton and Oklahoma City, including all on- and off-ramps.

The state has been converting turnpike toll collections to PlatePay, which uses cameras to photograph a vehicle’s license plate. OTA then mails an invoice to the registered vehicle owner.

The Walters toll plaza and its ramps at SH-5 between Lawton and the Texas state line are expected to become cashless in late July.

Officials say the conversion of the OKC-Lawton section to PlatePay was moved up after an inattentive driver crashed into the Newcastle toll plaza on June 4.

“The conversion to PlatePay on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike was accelerated after the crash at the Newcastle toll plaza on June 4,” Secretary of Transportation and OTA Executive Director Tim Gatz said. “It certainly added an exclamation point to the need to convert fully to cashless tolling quickly.”

The H.E. Bailey Turnpike is the third Oklahoma toll road to transition to all-electronic tolling after the John Kilpatrick and Kickapoo turnpikes in Oklahoma City moved to PlatePay within the past year.

OTA also recently approved additional design work for a future PlatePay transition on SH-375/Indian Nation Turnpike in Southeastern Oklahoma. The contract was modified to include $93,760 to complete designs at SH-3 near Antlers and ramp improvements at US-270 near McAlester, according to OTA.

OTA plans to transition the state’s remaining turnpikes to cashless tolling within the next two years.