EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR)- Two separate women have filed police reports against a China Healing Massage partial-owner and masseuse after he allegedly acted inappropriately during their massages.

The masseuse will not be named as he has not been criminally charged.

The first incident occurred on August 18, according to an Edmond Police report under the offense of outraging public decency.

The victim declined to go on camera or have her personal information revealed.

In her police report News 4 obtained, she told officers she has had several massages before, so she knew the standard procedure of one.

Shortly after her massage began at China Healing Massage, she told officers the masseuse pulled the sheet down below her buttocks, “completely exposing her.”

“She then felt [the masseuse’s] penis in her hand through his clothing while he continues to massage. She did not believe this was accidental, as he did not remove it and she felt him making a thrusting motion in her hand. This motion was not consistent with how he was moving his arms to give the massage,” the report states.

She also stated she could feel his genitalia get “more erect” as he continued to make the thrusting motions.

The report also read the victim claiming the masseuse grabbed her buttocks.

Following that, the victim told officers the masseuse pulled the sheet that was covering her body during the massage down to her pelvic area.

The victim’s breasts were exposed and the masseuse “then began rubbing all over her breasts and stomach.”

The victim’s statement also claims the masseuse rubbed around her pelvic area but never touched her genitalia.

She told officers she was afraid to do or say anything to the masseuse as she wasn’t sure anyone else was inside the business at that time.

The police report was filed September 2.

Another police report was filed with Edmond PD the day before on Sept. 1.

“I walked in and asked for an hour massage and a man said that he would do it. We went into the front room, started the massage and about 10 minutes into the massage he started just using one hand on my leg and I could hear his breathing picking up and noticed something was off and I could hear him touching himself,” Alex told KFOR.

Alex said she turned around to face the masseuse and he “immediately cowered.”

Alex then got dressed and ran to her car, immediately calling her husband and then Edmond PD.

“The woman who tried to get me to stay followed me out to my car and she tried to open my car door to try to get me to go back inside. She stood at my car door while I showed her that I was on the phone with 911 until my husband got there and he yelled at her to go back inside,” added Alex.

Alex said she felt like she was the verge of a panic attack because she never thought she’d be in a situation like that.

News 4 stopped by China Healing Massage Wednesday afternoon, looking for an owner or manager to talk with about the claims brought forward.

The accused masseuse was not on site, but an employee called a translator who was with him.

Through the translator, the masseuse told KFOR he has not conducted massages since the incident with Alex last Thursday. But that is still a current co-owner of the parlor.

“In the process of doing the massage for that woman, he feeled an itch on one side of his leg, so he tried to scratch. What he’s doing is a misunderstanding,” the translator said the masseuse stated.

According to the police report involving Alex, the masseuse told officers he pulled his pants down to “scratch his itch,” and showed them how far down he pulled his pants to do so.

The report said he pulled his pants down “approximately at or below crotch level.”

The translator added the masseuse is “not that kind of man,” that he is a hard worker and has a wife.

The translator also noted the masseuse has been in the massage therapy business for nearly 20 years.

However, the the masseuse told KFOR through the translator this is not the first sexual allegation brought against him.

“So more than twice. Several times. Not more than four times,” the translator said.

The masseuse claims the two victims know each other and also told KFOR people come into his business looking for “problems,” trying to “make money from him.”

The translator said the masseuse feels sadness with the allegations that have been brought forward, that it has put pressure on him. She also said he has lost sleep over what has happened.

News 4 sat down with two members of the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering to ask if there’s any action they plan to take against China Healing.

The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering Principal Assistant, John Funderburk told KFOR off camera that while they do issue licenses, they don’t regulate massage therapy.

China Healing Massage is not and has never been licensed through their board, according to Funderburk.

Funderburk said there currently is no organization that formally inspects and regulates massage parlors in Oklahoma.

Funderburk said there’s nothing the board can do regarding taking action against China Healing Massage.

There is an act called Massage Therapy Act that passed in 2016 outlining massage therapy in Oklahoma, but Funderburk said there’s nothing that gives the board regulatory power over parlors.

To pass an amendment allowing for the board to have that power, Funderburk said they would need the votes of approval from massage therapists.

He said the board has been unsuccessful in getting those votes in prior years.

The board is actively looking to add regulation to this act as soon as they can.

The City of Edmond has also not issued a business permit for China Healing Massage or individual masseuse licenses.

The Public Information Officer for the City of Edmond, Casey Moore said the city does not issue business permits in general.

The only permits/licenses the city does issue can be found here.

According to the Secretary of State’s website regarding LLCs, China Healing Massage has an invalid business license.

News 4 called the translator back late afternoon for more information regarding their business license.

The translator said it appears invalid because of late annual fees to the state. They have not paid as of Wednesday afternoon, according to the translator.

Edmond PD told KFOR there is an open investigation into the claims made against this masseuse.