OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City family feels lucky to be alive after escaping a fire Monday morning. 

Sadly, they lost the life of a beloved family pet and several sentimental items.

“We were sleeping, and we were woken up by a big boom,” said Christal McCune. “Then I heard my son screaming and my cousin screaming.” 

 McCune told KFOR that she rushed to look outside, and that’s when she saw her camper engulfed in a ball of flames. 

Her son, cousin, and her two dogs were inside the camper at the time. 

“I could barely see anything. It was so bright,” said McCune. “I heard my cousin say that my son ran back in the camper to try to save the dogs.”

The flames erupted near N.W. 14th and Portland early Monday morning. The Oklahoma City Fire Department responded and aggressively attacked the fire. 

“Our first crews got on scene and went immediately into search, make sure that there was nobody trapped,” said David Meyer, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department. 

Christal’s loved ones made it out safely.

Sadly, she lost one of her dogs, Zouk, and her valuables.

“Everything was in the camper that I stored in there,” said McCune. 

Although the family is thankful to be alive, they are not sure what the future holds.

“I have to start all over,” said McCune. “Start saving up money again to get a new camper.” 

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