OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro bride said she’s still waiting to receive her wedding photos from her professional photographer five months after the big day, despite numerous calls and texts. After doing some digging online, she found out she’s not alone and that many brides in Texas have a similar story with the same photographer.

The only photos Rachel Stanley has from her wedding day are from her friends phones. She told News 4 she’s been trying to get ahold of Olivia Seymour Photography (OSP), but so far she’s heard nothing.

“I don’t know what to believe from this lady anymore,” said Stanley.

Before tying the knot, Stanley said she found Olivia Seymour Photography on Facebook. She liked her style, reviews, and price. Stanley said at that time, she believed the photographer lived in Durant.

“We spent, like over $1,000,” said Stanley. “The day before the wedding she had messaged me saying her kids were sick and had COVID and the flu.”

As per the contract allows, Seymour sent a substitute to fill in for her at the wedding. Stanley loved the pictures the sub took. However, while that fill-in photographer does have the pictures, she can’t legally hand them over to Stanley.

“She said she cannot give me the photos unless it’s court ordered because she’s under contract with Olivia,” said Stanley.

Stanley said the fill-in photographer was also having a hard time getting ahold of Seymour.

After not getting any answers, Rachel went on Facebook and found dozens of other Texas brides in the same boat.

“She’s given them all these, like, excuses and lies as well as what she gave to me,” said Stanley.

Mandi Rowe, a photographer herself, said she hired Seymour for her daughter’s engagement shoot.

“We were seeing red flags. We could never pin down the dates for the engagement at all,” said Rowe. “it was like ne excuse after another.”

Rowe said finally the day came to take the photos.

“They got all dressed up. She just ghosted us,” said Rowe. “We ended up paying $530 for deposit.”

Rowe claimed she never got her money back and decided to take the pictures herself.

Katelyn Parker said OSP hired her tp fill-in for another wedding in Texas. She had a similar story.

“I had messaged her for days and days, days later asking, you know, how do you want me to send the pictures to you?” said Parker. “I actually had to go out of pocket. Lost moey on my side again for sending [Seymour] the SD cards, shipping them out to her.”

News 4 reached out to OSP, however Seymour said her attorney did not want her to talk on camera. She also said “I don’t answer my phone as per my lawyer I don’t know who is going to call or what is going to happen.”

The photographer claims she has received death threats, her children have been targeted, and a woman has been harassing her.

“Everyone is receiving their galleries. I spend countless nights editing to get them their photos,” she said to News 4 in messages over Instagram. “Brides will be getting their photos daily until I’m officially caught up.”

“They all have a contract that states I have not done ANYTHING to breach it. As I’ve spoke to my lawyer,” said Seymour. “I’m a mother who has 4 kids and a husband and a full time job that got behind.”

However, Stanley gave News 4 a copy of her contract with fewer stipulations. She said it was the only contract she received from the photographer.

Contract. Image courtesy Rachel Stanley.

“Apparently, a lot of these other ladies that I’ve been talking to that got scammed by her. They have different contract as well,” said Stanley.

Seymour also told News 4 she sent Stanley her photos eight times.

“I never got emails,” said Stanley. “then she stated she sent me a USB of my pictures and she mailed it. She didn’t have no tracking number or anything that she could offer me.”

Stanley said she’s filed a civil lawsuit against Seymour in Texas.

“It’ll all be shown in court,” said Seymour. “People will be paying me for the damage they have cause me and my entire family.”