NORMAN Okla. (KFOR) — Lincoln Riley left OU in 2021, but a new interview is bringing his exit back to the headlines with Riley claiming Sooner fans put his family in danger.

“I had multiple people, different people, trying to break in the house the days after it happened,” he said.

These claims can’t be backed up by police.

“There were two reports that were filed by the Norman Police Department, one of which says there’s a black Escalade that keeps driving by,” Dylan Buckingham, News 4 sports anchor. “I don’t know if that’s a fan, I don’t know if it’s a neighbor, maybe he’s so busy he never noticed, I don’t know.”

Riley explained after he announced he was leaving OU, he had to get armed security guards.

“95% of the fans of the people of there at Oklahoma are great, you typically have that percentage at times take it too far,” he said.

Those comments are sending some sooner fans into frenzy.

“I knew it was gonna make people mad,” said Daniel Bell, sports analyst for The Franchise.

Many are wondering why the former coach chose to share the information years later.

“I think he does like creating a drama about it,” said Evan Lewis, an OU student.

“I don’t think it’s true, there’s no way that he’s coming out with it two years later,” stated Grayson Wester.

Riley’s departure left a sour taste in Sooner fans’ mouths and has had a lingering impact since.

“The problem people have with this more than anything else is Lincoln Riley made Oklahoma his stepping stone job,” said Buckingham.

As for Sooner fans, they say it’s time both parties move on.

“He’s doing something else, we’re on to better things,” said Wester.

News 4 did ask the OU Police Department if they’d gotten any reports of attempted break-ins at Riley’s home.

We’ve had to file an open records request and we’re waiting for that request to come back.