NEWALLA, Okla. (KFOR) – What was once a metro woman’s storage facility now looks like it was hit by a tornado, after thieves stole the valuables and tore the building apart bit by bit.

“I just, my heart’s broke,” said Mickey Key. “I feel invaded, almost attacked, demoralized. Any bad word you can think of.”

Mickey Key was looking over what burglars left behind at her Newalla storage facility. She used it to house medical equipment and furniture from her hospice business of 13 years.

“We had some medical equipment, oxygen supplies. We had furniture, we had appliances that we used to help others out with and a soda blaster machine and some tools and equipment,” said Key. “And they also took our pontoon boat, the trailer with all of the stuff on it and whatever else they could find.”

Key said it was a $300,000 steal. The thieves didn’t leave much. They also took the walls and garage doors and a pontoon boat.

Plus, Key said the ransacked facility wasn’t even the whole unit. Key had to cut the 50 by 100ft. building to make way for the turnpike.

“The part that we tore down, we put it on a big trailer to move to our other property,” said Key.

But the yellow tri-axel trailer never made it. The thieves took that too.

“My heart’s broken. And we worked so hard and we gave so much to everyone else. And now this happened to us,” said Key.

Key lives in OKC and got the bad news in a letter from a neighbor that lives by the storage facility.

“He wrote me saying that people had been in here. Was it us? And no, it wasn’t us,” said Key. “After they tore the gate down one day, there was a caravan the next day.”

“They’ve taken what they wanted. They might be coming back for more,” said Key.

Key said she doesn’t know how long burglars have been picking the facility apart, but believes they’ve been coming in through a broken fence by the turnpike.

Now, Key is trying to find the stolen items and salvage what’s left.

“I don’t have any real help to help haul the good things that are left. I don’t know what I would do with them,” said Key.

Oklahoma City Police said they are investigating.