EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – There have been growing complaints in the town of El Reno about its “dirty” water.

A new complaint appeared after life-long resident, Derekah Rowe, showed KFOR a picture of her sink when she turned on the water Wednesday morning.

“It was clumps of dirt, with red, brown water,” said Rowe, who turned on her water Wednesday morning to brush her teeth.

The picture showed a sink full of the discolored, murky water.

Brown, murky water pouring from faucet into sink

“I feel like the color has gotten a lot worse,” said Rowe.

News 4 spoke with El Reno city manager, Matt Sandidge, who said the city has replaced 19 miles of water lines in recent years which has caused a dirty look to the water in the process – but what happened in Rowe’s sink was not part of the water lines.

“We had a couple of structural fires over the last 24 hours that led to the fire department utilizing our fire hydrants,” said Sandidge. “Opening the fire hydrants to put out the fires led to iron deposits in the water lines and that was causing the water to look that way temporarily.”

El Reno firefighters battled an attic fire on Williams Ave. Tuesday night, as well as a second fire about a mile away on London St.

“This is not unusual when you have a fire and use a hydrant,” said Sandidge.

He said if any residents happen to see brown in their water to call the municipal offices.

“We will flow the nearby water our fire hydrants to get that that water to clear up,” said Sandidge. “We can address that immediately when we know about it.”

El Reno has also handed out a product called ‘Red-B-Gone’ to residents when they use a washer and dryer to the dirt in the water will not ruin any clothing. You can go by the city offices and they will give you the product for free.