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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Oklahoma mom, Kemberlie Hornbeak, said she has more than one reason to smile. The mother of three is now in recovery after a recent heart transplant surgery.

“I have ordered several things since I have been in the hospital after my heart transplant,” Hornbeak said.

Because she’s still in the hospital, Hornbeak said she’d found a lot of convenience in buying items online and having them shipped to her Edmond home. That is until now.

“How dare you not take the time to go somewhere else and handle your business?” said Hornbeak.

Thursday evening, Hornbeak’s Ring app alerted her to a package drop-off. But little did she know the special delivery came with more than she bargained for.

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Kemberlie Hornbeak

“She pulled her pants down, used the bathroom, shimmied, pulled her pants back up and walked off my porch,” Hornbeak said.

Hornbeak said the Lone Star Overnight delivery driver used her flowerbed as a toilet despite a gas station being a mile away. The makeshift rest stop was all caught on Hornbeak’s surveillance system.

“I couldn’t even believe my eyes, honestly. I just had to rewind it about two to three times before I even came out and said that’s what she did. I didn’t want to believe it,” said Hornbeak.

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The delivery driver dropped off a package and proceeded to urinate in the flowerbed near the entrance of the home.

We reached out to the Texas-based company multiple times – twice by email and twice by phone. We have yet to receive their side of the story.

However, Hornbeak said a supervisor did get back to her, and now Hornbeak wants the driver off the job.

“Honestly, when I saw it, and I realized what she had done, I felt like she disrespected [me],” Hornbeak said. “I mean, I felt disrespected, honestly.”

Hornbeak said she has filed a complaint and sent the footage to the delivery company.

The Oklahoma City Police Department told KFOR because no one was around at the time of the incident, the delivery driver will not face criminal charges.