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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – The search for a real-life Grinch continues in a Quail Creek neighborhood in Oklahoma City.

An alleged thief was caught on camera stealing two oversize nutcrackers last Saturday, just weeks before Christmas.

“We just couldn’t believe somebody was that bold to come straight to our front door,” said Ashley Johnson. “Do unto others as you want done unto you.”

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A nutcracker from the neighborhood where the theft occurred.

Johnson told KFOR she and her family were arriving home with their Christmas tree when they noticed something was missing.

“We then realize our nutcrackers were gone that we had just put up the day before,” said Johnson.

The man can be seen on surveillance footage carrying one of the nutcrackers in his hand.

Once he noticed the cameras, he stopped but continued to walk away. He then placed the items on the top of an orange Range Rover.

“You like to think that people that steal at Christmas are really needing it,” said Johnson. “But somebody that steals and that’s driving a Range Rover, dressed in dress clothes and stealing Christmas decorations, I’m not sure of the monetary value he can get out of it.”

The suspect drove away with the items on the roof of the car.

Johnson told KFOR each five-foot nutcracker has a price tag of $100. But despite the lost money and dent in her holiday cheer, Johnson has hope. She believes karma will catch up to the Grinch.

“Hopefully, this will bring some justice. We love justice for our nutcrackers,” said Johnson. “But you know maybe it will scare someone from doing this to somebody else.”

Johnson plans to file a police report Friday.