OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma man is now demanding answers after he says the Oklahoma County Detention Center lost his personal belongings.

“I just want my stuff, period,” said recently-released inmate, Jay Knight. “And I want to be left the hell alone.”

Knight spent more than 24 hours in jail for driving under the influence April 7. 

To get released, though, Knight claimed he was forced to sign a form stating he didn’t have any personal belongings.

“I had two iPhones, and I had my wallet,” said Knight. “They have all my ID cards.” 

Knight also told KFOR he turned in his keys during his intake process, but no one knows where his items are.

“They said that I didn’t come in with [anything], so I had to check no if I wanted to get released out,” said Knight. 

Knight claimed someone from the jail told him to contact the Oklahoma City Police Department. 

When he went to the department on Monday he was told his items weren’t there. 

KFOR reached out to the Oklahoma County Jail to get some answers, and we were told the property release process could take up to 30 days to investigate. Then after that, someone can file a tort claim.

“The last thing I heard was it might take 30 days. I’m like, ‘No, I don’t have 30 days. I have an employer. I have a job that needs the, you know, that I need to show proper, you know, documentation.'”

After a thorough check, officials with the Oklahoma City Police Department told KFOR the department never confiscated Knight’s personal belongings during his arrest.