MCALESTER, Okla. (KFOR) – Oklahoma carried out its 8th execution on Thursday since the state resumed executions in 2021. 

In 2003, AJ and Patsy Cantrell, a couple of 50 years, was found dead in their Depew, Oklahoma home.

Aj and Patsy Cantrell.
Aj and Patsy Cantrell. Image courtesy state of Oklahoma.

Patsy, 70, had been shot and AJ, 76, had been beaten to death with the same gun. 

Prosecutors said before the killings, Scott Eizember, 61, had been hiding inside the Cantrell’s home, while he waited for his ex-girlfriend across the street. He was allegedly planning to confront her about money and a protection order. He had just been released from the Tulsa County Jail.

Mugshot of Scott Eizember
Scott Eizember. Image courtesy Oklahoma Department of Corrections

During his final moments, Eizember told witnesses he’d told the truth, his conscience was clear, and he loves his children. 

The Cantrell family said they waited far too long for the execution to be carried out. 

“After living this nightmare, I must say that 20-years is too long for justice to be served,” said Johnny Melton, the Cantrell’s nephew. 

“I know that I’m glad that our enemy is dead,” said Justin Wyatt, the Cantrell’s grandson.

The Cantrell family told the media they felt relieved, after Eizember was executed by lethal injection.

News 4 was chosen to be a witness.

The curtain rose at 10 a.m. Eizember’s daughter was sitting on the front row and had just wiped away tears. The two locked eyes, smiled, and nodded, before Eizember said his final statement.

“I told the truth. I cannot convince everyone I told the truth. Obviously, the court also said I told the truth. So, for those people out there who don’t seem to want to tell the truth, that’s on them. That’s on their head. I’m at peace. My conscious is clear, completely. I love my children,” said Eizember.

After the mic turned off, Eizember mouthed to his daughter, “I love you.”

Eizember spoke with his advisor until he lost consciousness. Department of Corrections officials said they were speaking words of comfort, peace, and confidence. 

At 10:10 a.m., Eizember’s chest stopped moving and his face became purple. Eizember was pronounced dead at 10:15 a.m.

“I beleive this was the only way to end the nightmare my family had endured all these years,” said Justin Wyatt.

The Cantrell’s said while Eizember was behind bars, the family was also in a prison of emtional and mental anguish. 

“To lose someone to murder is a pain that no one should ever experience,” said Melton. 

“I don’t believe in closure. I don’t like people to use that word to me, because the only way we could ever have closure is if they came back to us,” said Debra Cantrell, the Cantrell’s daughter. 

As witnesses were leaving the observation room, News 4 heard Eizember’s daughter say she thought it was funny her father was snoring when the microphone was turned back on, because Eizember had always told her he’ll sleep when he’s dead.

Richard Glossip‘s execution has been stayed by Gov. Stitt until Feb. 16, 2023.